Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"We love Vintage"

Unlike my previous visit to Bellingen, this time the doors were open!! I have had fun taking some photos of this gorgeous building and the surplus of vintage fashion. It was also great to see my handiwork on display.

Here i am at the back of the store looking down to the cafe. This is only one side of the store.

This is most definately the best seat in the house and is being enjoyed by the one and only Jenni. (I hope you don't mind me sneaking this pic of you?)

These are one of my most recent Frolic in Fabric designs.

I just had to take a photo of these gorgeous roses. I am a sucker for all flowers - especially in this purple pot.

this is one of my button bird charms - a cute accessory for a bag or even on a necklace.

I really do not like to waist (you can tell i sew alot.) great fabrics like these so i made these funky bookmarks.

Sadly this bag did not make it to The Vintage Nest because i sold it, but thought you might like to see it anyway.

Well i certainly have had a great day enjoying the coffee, vibe and Vintage of Bellingen. Hope you have enjoyed a sneak peak inside of the Nest.

Elizabeth X


  1. Love the pics and the shop is divine! - bit far for a Sunday drive for me but maybe a holiday destination in the future.
    Well done for having your stuff out there and looking so fabulous! Really impressive and motivating - must get onto my own stuff as I've been very slack lately ....

  2. What an amazing shop ! Your wares are looking beautiful in that setting .

  3. Well done Elizabeth!

    Your range really compliment the setting of the store. The photos are fantastic.

  4. Wow! What beautiful things you make! I would love to visit that shop.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

  5. I love the little dresses you make - very pretty and well made. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Nic

  6. Wow, awesome blog, I had no idea you had one Liz. Found you on FB and sent you a msg- we MUST catch up for coffee. Btw I have a blog too ;)link is different style to yours I love vintage too though.

    love Robyn

  7. oooo I want to go shopping in these stores.

  8. Hi Elizabeth! We recently visited Bellingen and I noticed some of your pieces in this shop! They looked beautiful! Congratulations! Alison