Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frolic in Fabric at the Fair

It was a most wonderful day at the Village Fair today! After so much rain this week it sure was great to wake up to a gorgeous sunny day and to be apart of a very successful Fair at Bishop Druitt College. My stall was one of the 70 stalls assembled, not to mention amusement rides, pony rides, the wetpac helicopter, woodchopping and much more.

These are my very colourful peg boards, for pegging all those miscellaneous notes and pictures. Most handy indeed.

Lovely linen table runners all rolled up!

Cute as a Doll!

At the end of the day one of these gorgeous bags was raffled and the winner was "Brodi" of Brayside Preschool. Big Congratulations to you Brodi.
Also a big welcome to anyone who dropped by my stall today and is reading my blog for the first time.. Please take the time to make a comment as i would love to hear from you. Well it certainly is time for has been a big day.
Elizabeth x


  1. It looks like you had a huge day with all those lovely things , sleep well !

  2. Gosh you did well blogging last night :) I was exhausted. The stall looked amazing and all your items are gorgeous, especially love the little dolls, and the little zip purses.

  3. Your stall looks great. Hope it was a very successful day for you.

  4. It was so lovely to meet you yesterday Elizabeth!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your workshops.
    Oh and I know Brodi...she gave me a lift home yesterday. She had a lovely bag that she had bought from you yesterday. I am sure she is going to love the bag that was raffled!

  5. Hey! Stall is looking awesome. Love the little tags, very pretty.

  6. Well done a great display. I must have one of those red and black bags. Please save me one.

  7. hope you had lots of interest in those wonderful bags.
    See you saturday

  8. Wow, Elizabeth, you have been busy.
    Your stall looks great!!!!
    You are very clever.
    Glad it went well.

  9. Well done Elizabeth,The stall looks great. I love your logo and the tags. Fantatic work.

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