Friday, December 11, 2009

The SHED is now a STUDIO!

At last our shed is beginning to look like a studio. As soon as the old garage door was removed the vision of the studio started to become a reality. With the much appreciated help of dear Uncle Rosco and of course my wonderful hubby the entrance frame was soon in place and the old doors ready to put in.

One door is in, Yippee. While the boys were putting in the doors i thought i had better go and buy a handle and lock. Well you wouldn't believe the difficulty I had finding the right lock with the right handle at the right price and do you think anyone had any in stock? NO. Our doors it turns out have a rather narrow style (the panel where the handle and lock goes) so the Mortice lock that is fitted inside the door has to have a back set of 45mm and standard back sets are usually 60mm. Then to top it off the french doors are rebated (a lip on the edge of the doors) so i also needed to purchase a rebate kit. Obviously i should have done a little bit of research earlier.

The boys sure made great progress. The next steps are to gyprock the internal walls, put in the lighting, floors and then paint. Will we get it done by Christmas?? Well maybe the gyprocking.

1 comment:

  1. Wow the Studio is looking good Elizabeth, well done to you and your families.
    Sorry to hear about the lock issue, I am sure it will be sorted and you will be soon working in your studio.

    Looking forward to hear and see more pics of your progress.

    Take care