Monday, June 7, 2010

Spotty Birds!

Wow has is really been that long since my last posting!! I have to say most of my time has been spent setting up the studio (and scraping sticky tape off the windows which we have left on far to long and is now super hard to get off. The windows have french panels so even more tape!) It seriously took me about three hours to clean one window. I have also been busy designing a logo for Frolic in Fabric which has been lots of fun and time consuming. There are so many factors to consider when designing a logo because it will be used in so many places. If anyone could recommend a good supplier of woven labels it would be greatly appreciated.

There is so much joy to by had with a free hand foot on your sewing machine! It was really fun to create these cute little pictures which were inspired from Pip's book "Meet me at Mikes".

Elizabeth X


  1. What fun spotty birds ! Cleaning windows , not so much fun .

  2. Hi! Welcome back. A studio - I'm turning green...
    I bought some labels from apparel labels (in SA)and found them to be easy and good quality.

    Love your birdies.

  3. oops only 1 "r" in apparel in the website address. sorry trying to multitask ... quite badly.

  4. YES it has been that long :-)
    I'm very happy to hear that the studio is getting some attention though. What are you using to get the sticky tape off? I think eucalyptus oil is supposed to be good for that kind of thing.
    Labels- These guys are in Sydney and supposed to be pretty good. I think a lot of local manufacturers use them too.
    Love the birds, they're oh so cuuuute.

  5. It's great to hear about your Studio at its final stage. Let me know when you going to have a grand opening ok.