Saturday, July 3, 2010

Labour of Love and Love it i DO!

What is the large table for you may be wondering? Well, it is the handy work of my amazing husband who without a shed, and even in the rain he has laboured over this 3 metre long 45cm wide table top. It is made from left over floor boards from the studio.

Fortunately for Ty the sun was shining today as he was adding the finishing touches!

And there you have it......the most amazing table for my sewing machines ever. The legs are from an old Singer sewing machine base that was actually left at our house when we bought it.

I just love the rusty old look - the poor thing has been left outside in the weather for years so it is really great to have it in pride of place in the studio. I thought i had better take a photo of it now as I am sure the next photo you see of the table it will be covered in so many fabrics and goodies that you probably won't even recognise it!!

Till next time

Elizabeth X


  1. You are so right that is the most amazing table !
    What a clever husband , great job !

  2. What a fantastic job he has done. It's just gorgeous... love the legs!

  3. This is fantastic. Ty is so good with his craft still. The table is amazing.

    By the way, You are feature in the ArtSHINE Close Up series on Tuesday 6 July. Well it is actually tomorrow. Hope you like it.

    Take care


  4. WOW!! Great table and such fabulous legs.
    And a studio .... I am sooo jealous.
    If ever you're finished with either, please let me know and send them down here to Melb! I'm sure we could find a post-pak to fit....
    Love your new look too.

  5. amazing table Liz!! wow what a workspace you have!