Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What i love to do!

Where do i start!! I love to sew, create, design, craft, collect fabrics, crotchet and lots more. I also love being a Mum to my three kids. This is my little sewing abode which will soon be moving to a larger place as my husband loses his shed and i gain a studio (and a dining table). I am making a needle case for my daughter who has just started to learn some basic stitches (i will post her cute work next time).

This is the shed that is currently undergoing some major renovations to create a sewing studio for Frolic in Fabric.

It is our with the old windows and in with the new. Have you ever repainted french doors?? It is certainly a time consuming job.. but very rewarding. We purchased these gorgeous doors at a local antique shop and cannot wait to see them finished.

Just frolicking in the fabric.........

Uh Oh! Kids are coming home for school....what is there in the cooks kitchen? Oh and i love to bake.