Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foxy Baby Bag

Good friends of ours are expecting baby number 4 any day now and I was asked to make BIG bag to fit in ALL the baby gear (and soccer gear and.....). So here it is!

I ended up changing the button for a toggle as it worked much better and i think it looks better too.

And of course I had to include a little rattle for bub, which just fitted snug in the inside pocket.

OH! and i still love to bake!!

Mmm.. Must be time for a cuppa and a cupcake or two.....
Elizabeth X

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Royal Party!

After hours of sewing, days of preparing a pinjata and pass the parcel, cakes, lolly bags.... and so on, the day of my littlest's 5th birthday had finally arrived. It was to be a royal party with all the princes and princess of the town invited.

Here come two of the galant princes arriving on horseback of course with gifts of precious jewels and diamonds!

And what little princess does not enjoy to burst as many bubbles as she can get her hands on?

Something funny was being said between these two cousins..but just what i am not sure? Perhaps it was just the simple joy of having a bag full of lollies.....

Well it certainly was a great celebration.

Elizabeth X

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Labour of Love and Love it i DO!

What is the large table for you may be wondering? Well, it is the handy work of my amazing husband who without a shed, and even in the rain he has laboured over this 3 metre long 45cm wide table top. It is made from left over floor boards from the studio.

Fortunately for Ty the sun was shining today as he was adding the finishing touches!

And there you have it......the most amazing table for my sewing machines ever. The legs are from an old Singer sewing machine base that was actually left at our house when we bought it.

I just love the rusty old look - the poor thing has been left outside in the weather for years so it is really great to have it in pride of place in the studio. I thought i had better take a photo of it now as I am sure the next photo you see of the table it will be covered in so many fabrics and goodies that you probably won't even recognise it!!

Till next time

Elizabeth X