Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspired to Sew!

After reading both of my favourite mags recently - Country Style and the Notebook it is no wonder that i was inspired to make a bag. Kath Kidston certainly has some great patterns and i just love her floral fabrics she uses. This bag is a slight modification from a bag in Amanda Blake Soule's book "Handmade Home" - only a little larger and with a button.

Must have been feeling very domestic... time for an apron.. yes i am doing lots of cooking now with three kiddies. You can never really have too many aprons?

Just a little doodling.....................

Hope you are inspired to sew too.

Elizabeth X

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holiday stitches!

During the holidays our place is always visited by lots of kids from the neighbourhood.

This is Bridget who is making a very cute book mark for her Mum.

She has drawn the picture herself and is now happily embroidering it.

So simple and so adorable. One book mark ready to take home to Mum.

This is my daughter Jessica's artwork and embroidery. She is only 6 so this has taken a little while and needed a little help but what a great job she has done.

We then decided to make it into a pillow for her bedroom. i cut the pieces out and Jess sewed them together on the machine.

These photos were taken on our holiday at the Blue Mountains. Obviously the kids were keen to use there new Christmas presents everywhere they went.

Very graceful Jess!

Why is everything always a race?

Not sure if they should really be skating n scooting in the beautiful rose park? But sure was fun.

What a great and exhausting holiday the Cooks have had. I think i will spend the first few days of school going back recovering - and cleaning the house. The joys of motherhood.

Till next time. X Elizabeth.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bellingen in the Window!

One of our most favourite places to go for a day trip is Bellingen. Only a 30 minute drive south of Coffs Harbour. How exciting it was to see some of my label in the window of The Vintage Nest. The Vintage Nest sells quality recycled and new clothing and miscellaneous goods. The blue floral dress, the girls skirts and flag banner are all Frolic in Fabric. Sadly the shop was closed so the only pics taken were through the window!
Next door to The Vintage Nest is the Vintage Expresso which is currently undergoing renovations. They sell great coffee and delicious sweeties...

Have to say i don't mind the reflection of the tress in this picture and some of the streetscape of Bellingen.

Just a few of the locals we saw in the main street. Have to say i have never seen four together like this before. We did have three in our own tree at home once. Aren't they gorgeous?

This is the three we saw in our chinese raisin tree at home back in 2008. We called them the little owl family (mUm dAd and bUb). How cute is the baby? This was the first photo when they were alseep. The next photo was when our kids woke them up!

What posers they are!