Sunday, April 18, 2010

My lolly bag!

I was feeling hungry so i decided to bake myself a little afternoon tea! No not really. I have been baking for my daughters birthday party. The kids helped make the chocolate slice and heart chocolate cake.

We decided to include some sewing into the party by letting the kids make their own LOLLY BAGS! A little preparation was required as time will be limited at the party and there will be 8 kids altogether. 6 girls and 2 boys. I have cut out the bags, attached the handles and ironed on each childs initial. At the party the kids can then hand stitch around their letter and sew the side seams on the sewing machine.

Here they are all ready for the kids to arrive. The girls are making a tote style bag and the boys a draw string marble bag.

This cake was SO easy. Jess and i discovered a can of pink soft icing with 4 different nozzles just ready to instantly decorated our cake. It seriously took about 1 minute.

and then we added these adorable icing flowers...

Mmmm.. i think the kids will like it?

There was great chatter and busy little fingers as the kids happily stitched around their letters. Some kids were fast others very slow, some kept unthreading their needles, or wrapping the thread around the bag handles, some stitches long and others very short, but all being said everyone was enjoying themselves - even the boys. For all of the kids except for mine it was the first time they would use a sewing machine.

The birthday girl enjoying every minute of her party (especially the lolly hunt they are about to do to fill their lolly bags!)

Annie kept her full lolly bag on her shoulder for the rest of the party - except when she had a lolly or two!