Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sewing with Lucia!

Wednesdays has to be my most favourite day. It is my day to be in the studio and be creative! It is also the day i have a one on one lesson with Lucia in the afternoon. Lucia first attended a Learn to Sew workshop at the studio during the school holidays. She now comes every Wednesday for an hour of FUN and INTENSIVE sewing. I have been blown away by her enthusiam to sew...and her amazing talent.
Every week there is something new to learn and make. Today she learnt about seam allowances, pinning, selvedge edges, freyed edges and the importance of overlocking (or in her case zig -zag).

Today our project was a 6 panel skirt - so lots of practice doing a 1cm seam allowance and lots of zig zag.

Pinning the seams together with lots of concentration and care.

Of course Jessica sneaks in every now and then. She is sewing up felt puppets for her school class. My how time flies when you are having can't be 5.30pm. This is definately a two week project so be sure to follow on next Wednesday and we will hopefully have the skirt ready to wear home! Job well done Lucia.
Elizabeth x

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  1. Yay ELizabeth! How cool to have the chance to be creative on a weekly basis. Looking forward to seeing the skirt.