Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As you already know i just love my Wednesday's - and today was certainly no exception. Not only did I have my hour session with Lucia in the afternoon , I also ran a bag workshop with Marieka!

Lucia had fun decorating a singlet to match her skirt she made last week. She learnt how to self cover a button and sew it on, sew AROUND corners of the flower she designed and sew on the doily - with lots of pinning first.

and VOILA here you have it !

After a nice hot cuppa, caramal slice, banana chocolate loaf (courtesy of Marieka), chocolate BROWNIES and a little chit chat we thought we had better get started on our project - a SHOULDER BAG!

It was lots of fun choosing the fabrics and then designing the pockets and bag layout. And just in time to pick up the littlies from preschool the bag was all ready and looking FABULOUS.
Thank you Marieka and Lucia for making my Wednesday even more wonderful!
Elizabeth x


  1. Oh Hi Elizabeth, found you via bespoke bites so had to pop on over - my daughter is desperate to learn to sew, so the post on Lucias sewing was inspiring, I really liked the fair photos - there is something so lovely about a folksy, whimsical craft fair. I followed for you, you can find me @ All the best, Jane:)