Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrating 2 Years!

It is amazing to think that Frolic in Fabric has been operating for two years.  What started as a few school holiday workshops is now up to 6 six regular weekly classes  - not to mention short term workshops and the ever growing school holiday program! A few highlights to mention would be my amazing class of six super keen and enthusiastic 9-11 year olds who today finished off  their lovely cushions.  They had a blast learning how to cover buttons, sew buttonholes, tucks and chenille cutting - which makes the cushion oh so soft and cuddly.
This Saturday sees the completion of the third ladies beginners sewing course we have run this year. They have been a great success and always a pleasure to share my love of sewing with others.
 Mondays are a special day i share with two classes of teenage girls. One a class of home schooled girls and my after school 4pm class. We have been enjoying to make a tote bag, pyjama pants, button up top, skirt and we are now about to make a gorgeous dress for summer!! They are amazingly talented and lots of fun to teach.

And lastly (i could keep going..) we held a special sewing event to make some pants for a dear little girl called Alexis. Alexis has special needs and desperately needed some new chenille pants to crawl around in. So many thanks to those talented ladies who gave up their Saturday afternoon to drop in and help make the 5 pairs of pants!!

 There is so much more to share but not enough hours in the night!! When Alexis was shown her pants she said in sign language "more" with a big cheeky grin on her face.  She definately loved all the applique and cuteness...and we love her too!

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